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"The darkest hour of the night is precisely the one before dawn".

Moreover, we need to understand that collective change is only possible if each of us realizes his own inner transformation. We don’t even have a clue how great our chances are. The time has come to really put them into practice. Grigori Grabovoi has opened the way for us and now together we must make our spiritual abilities blossom and learn to pilot reality! Join us, let’s build the New World together!

A New World is possible

Yes, that’s true. The darkest hour of the night is the one before dawn, the real change. Many of us are feeling how the world has degenerated, one step away from catastrophe. And this is precisely the sign that change is coming, it is already at hand.
If we unite, and this is the first step to truly activate the network of those who wish to change the world, our very presence on the planet will trigger the change process.

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The Foundation for the Implementation and Protection of Grigori Grabovoi’s Teaching was created to coordinate the second development stage of the Global Salvation Message in the world to ensure eternal life for all and is based in Switzerland.


Grigori Grabovoi  (Kazakhstan, November 14, 1963) is a Russian scientist and clairvoyant, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences and technical sciences, discoverer of the scientific and spiritual method of Reality Piloting. More and more people around the world recognize him as a contemporary Avatar.


Our Mission is very simple: to unify all human beings in a collective and individual change that lays the foundations for a new world. Together we can do it! We are talking about quantum physics, energy and spirituality. We are talking about your unexplored potential. The world needs a change of pace before it is too late. By engaging all of us we will move forward very quickly and carry out more than your mind can embrace today. Everything your soul already knows.

You are the key to the transformation.

Yes, exactly you! 

Reality and Consciousness are intertwined: Reality is generated by the collective consciousness.

“But if reality is generated by consciousness why do we all live in the same reality?

And why is reality stable, constant and non-variable as consciousness itself?

Very interesting but…

To answer these questions we have to introduce the concept of collective consciousness:

the collective consciousness is the unified consciousness of all people.

Later we will see that in the collective consciousness we must also understand the consciousness of other beings, for example the animals, and, in general, the consciousness of everything that exists.

But let’s go back to the main theme:

there are persistent impressions in the collective consciousness.

These impressions are persistent because they are an average, that is, what you get when you average the impressions of the whole collectivity of people.

I will make an example to better explain what collective consciousness is:

let’s imagine we flip a coin. Can we exactly say whether the result of the throw will be a) heads or b) tails?

If it is not a fake coin, you will agree that you cannot say in advance which face will come out.

However, if we flip the coin a few thousand times we can say in advance that the quantity of ‘heads’ released in relation to the ‘tails’ will tend to be even.
The statistical science studied all over the world since childhood assures us this, and rightly so!
And now follow me:
then if we flip the coin a few millions times, the heads and tails will be practically even.
It follows that, in case of a large number of tosses, the result can be predicted.
And this is not accidental!
The fact is that in the presence of a large number of experiments and a large number of cases, they appear the so-called statistical regularities.
Very interesting….
But now let’s go back to the main theme:
each person has his own ideas about representations concerning each object, and these can also be different from the representations made by another person.
But if we consider all the people (and it is a huge number), a representation created is the average of all the representations of each single person.
There is a certain stable representation relating to all the various things only as a result of the average of all the representations that individuals have made.
We can say that:
what is interpreted as an objective reality by people is nothing more than a stable collective representation relating to various things.
Now you will understand:
the illusion is created precisely by the stability of the resulting representation!
Even if this representation is simply the result of an average value relating to a large number of things, in this specific case, it is nothing more than the result of the average value of the representations existing in people’s consciuousness!!!”

At what pace can reality be changed?
How often does the collective consciousness create humanity?

Grabovoi was able to measure this phenomenon which happens every 10 to the minus 17 seconds.

That is why material things seem stable to us, because it is such a small fraction of time that our eyes cannot see it, our senses cannot perceive it.

So if reality constantly regenerates itself every 10 to the minus 17 seconds on the basis of consciousness, reality is modifiable.

Whole and constantly. This human action of modification, change of reality, is named by Grabovoi Reality Piloting (Управление Реальностью).

Reality Piloting is the action that allows you to change individual reality, heal, regenerate, modify the events of your entire life.

On this action, which is the practical core of Grigori Grabovoi’s science, there are now tens of thousands of proofs all over the world.

This theory, which is decidedly different from what we have always thought or experienced, is however strongly supported both by scientific contexts and by spiritual and religious contexts.

The precursors in the scientific world:

Max Planck, Nobel Prize 1918
“I consider consciousness as fundamental. I consider matter to be derived from consciousness. We cannot go beyond consciousness. Everything we talk about, everything we consider as existing presupposes consciousness“.
Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize 1932."
"I think that modern physics has definitely decided in favor of Plato: in fact the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense, they are forms, ideas that can be unequivocally expressed only in mathematical language".
Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize 1922.
“When we measure something, we are forcing an indeterminate and indefinite world to take on an experimental value. We are not measuring the world, we are creating it”.
Eugene P. Wigner, Nobel Prize 1963.
"It has not been possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a completely coherent way without reference to consciousness. I firmly believe that in whatever way our future concepts may develop, the very study of the external world leads to the conclusion that the content of consciousness is a definitive reality ”.
Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Prize 1933.
“Consciousness is the theatre, and precisely the only theatre on which everything that happens in the Universe is represented, the vessel that contains everything, absolutely everything, and outside of it nothing exists”.

Reality Creation in religions:

“The concept of Reality Creation is also strongly supported by the great spiritual traditions (Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, …).

For example, in Genesis, as we know, it is written that we are in the image and likeness of the Creator Himself (Gn 1, 26), and therefore we are creators ourselves.

This truth of faith is perfectly summarized in the following sentence from the Gospel of John, which at the same time combines the Jewish and Christian traditions:”

“You are Gods” (Gv 10,34)

Grabovoi has already helped millions of people around the world to change their lives: do you want to be the next one? Choose to build the future, join the community that will save the planet.


In 1986 Grabovoi Grigori Petrovich graduated from the faculty of mathematics and applied mechanics at the State University of Tashkent.

He practically realized and scientifically proved how everyone can change reality, achieving what before him were called “miracles”. And he showed it in front of independent commissions, government bodies, international institutions. He scientifically proved the existence of God and the possibility of immortality for the human being.

Since childhood, Grigori Grabovoi has proved to have the ability of obtaining immediate information through clairvoyance or direct knowledge. In this way, during the years of study, he solved numerous scientific problems “a priori”, that is, by obtaining the solution directly without carrying out the previous logical and mathematical steps. After his thesis discussion, Grigori Grabovoi was awarded the scientific title of Doctor in Mathematical and Physical Sciences and also the title of Professor in the specialist field of “Security of Particularly Complex Objects”. When he began to collaborate with the authorities (first of the USSR and then of the Russian Federation) he made these skills available in a large number of highly complex situations, from disaster prevention (including earthquakes and the safety of nuclear power plants) up to the collaboration with the Russian Space Agency, for example for the docking of the US Shuttle on the MIR space station, and the in-flight safety of the President of the Russian Federation.

Famous scientists from all over the world have published experimental data on his work, including the Director of the State Agency “Scientific Centre”, doctor in Engineering Sciences professor Garyainov Stanislav Aleksandrovich (author of over 200 scientific works and discoveries, including 15 patents received abroad), the doctor in mathematical and physical sciences, professor Nikitin Albert Nikolayevich, the doctor in mathematical and physical sciences, professor of UNESCO, director of the department of the “Educational Centre Burgas of the chair UNESCO/MCOS on risk management” Yemerenko Vitalily Anfimovich and many others.

The experimental conclusions documented by the mentioned scientists have confirmed the scientific value of Grigori Grabovoi’s elaborations.

The accuracy of his phisical and mathematical calculations “which cannot be declined, as they were made with official superior mathematics recognized worldwide” along with the functionality of the devices, created according to his mathematical-phisical calculation, can be used effectively in disaster prevention.

Over the years, Grabovoi personally has carried out a large amount of interventions of Reality Piloting, many of which are objectively documented by doctors, scientists, officials and Russian government bodies.

His outcomes allows him to be welcomed in numerous sovietic academies and in some of the most prestigious international scientific Academies, such as the New York Academy of Sciences (USA), with over 30 Nobel Prizes in its President’s Council, and the International Informatization Academy, advisory member of the UN Economic & Social Council.
In Italy, he becomes a member of AISES (Accademia Internazionale per lo Sviluppo Sociale ed Economico – International Academy for Social and Economic Development), which was chaired by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi untill his death.

His “Technologies of Preventive Forecast and Safe Development” course is approved by the Russian Ministry of Education and by the International Centre for Educational Systems (ICES) – UNESCO chair.

He is often invited by the Russian television, where his therapeutic successes and his cooperation with the Russian establishment at the highest levels are related, and where he also carries out, live, some clairvoyance forecasts, that are verified during the subsequent episodes of that broadcast.
Grabovi is the author of thousands of scientific pubblications and tests which are wideaspread, appreciated and utilized all over the world by hundreds of thousands of people.

Grabovoi accomplished all this on his own but now it’s up to us to take the baton and join together to raise enough funds.

“Currently there is the common belief that the surrounding world does not depend on us, that it exists in itself, that it exists, so to speak, objectively, and that man can only study this world and its laws in order to be able to use them for the benefit of humanity.

Actually, the situation is not exactly like that.

Let us think about the reason why this idea originated.

Man can observe that the Sun rises every morning and that in the evening it sets, that the alternation of the seasons occurs in a regular way, and that, moreover, the seasons always alternate in the same order; in the sky the Polar Star can always be found in the same place, and the other stars can also be found in the same place; if you leave an object that you were holding in your hands, it will always fall downwards, like Newton’s famous apple.

All these phenomena are always produced in the same order, and man has the impression that they occur independently of his existence, that they are objective phenomena, not subject to his will, that is, that he has to do with an objective world that exists independently of himself.

And actually this impression is man’s great mistake.”

G. Grabovoi



Reality Piloting, even with very different names and sensitivities, has an absolute logical-scientific and spiritual foundation, but what you may not know is that we are not talking about theories, but concrete results

Are you ready? 

Well, because here the fun begins: 

let’s start with the results of Grabovoi himself, who introduced Reality Piloting into the world, the application of divine knowledge to harmonize reality, using techniques he made available to everyone. 

As many will already know, due to the fact that there is a huge literature on this subject, Grabovoi, in the 90s, carried out a large number of Reality Pilotings, both privately and on behalf of public bodies and institutions. 

Among these entities there are national and international space agencies, airlines, nuclear power plants, etc. 

The interesting and unprecedented fact is that these results have been certified in detail by the highest governmental and institutional authorities of his country, such as the Russian Official Gazette, the highest state communication body. 

All these certifications are published and easily available (also through the Foundation) in a book in three volumes “The practice of piloting, the way to salvation”. All three volumes are composed exclusively of certified piloting results!

But Grabovoi’s work is not aimed at itself: 

over the years, he has created extremely effective visualization and concentration techniques and passed them on to his first students. 

Having used these techniques to create good works, even his students have had results. 

All the results of Grabovoi’s students are published in volumes 4, 5 and 6 of “The practice of piloting, the way of salvation“.

Several Grabovoi’s students now travel the world carrying out the process of reality piloting with success. 

By now these results have spread all over the world, also thanks to the use of number sequences, real series of numbers in which Grabovoi has codified the Norm of certain information objects. 

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have achieved results considered extraordinary by simply focusing on the number sequences and using the concentrations indicated by Grabovoi. A quick search on the internet is enough to realize the size of what I’m talking about. 

And why don’t all the tv news talk about it? 

Good question. 

I’m sure you are absolutely able of giving an answer to this question. 

I can only tell you that what I have told you about so far is an individual, creative process, whereby each of us finds his own way of piloting reality. 


If reality is created by consciousness and we can modify it with a spiritual thought and an impulse of consciuosness … 

How far can we go? 

Grabovoi’s answer is that there are no limits! 

We can go beyond any limits the external or internal reality places on us, because reality itself is created by consciousness.

The largest community in history, united to truly change the world.


In the world there are now hundreds of thousands of people who have chosen to listen to the deepest part of themselves.

But who are we?

How is the Community you are about to enter composed and where you will find all the elements to completely transform your life?
We are people just like you!

We decided to go further, not to settle for a life that seemed written for us by someone else.

We have decided to listen to the most spiritual part of ourselves and follow Grigori Grabovoi’s teachings to use the divine potential of every human being and be the Creators of Reality.

Many of us have dedicated a large part of our lives to helping others and are a point of reference for thousands of people. Others have recently joined and are discovering their potential day after day.

We are a community where 15 languages ​​are spoken, present on all continents.

You will find all the support you need to make the changes you care about and many friends in every corner of the world!

We are teachers, students, engineers, civil servants, parents and children….

We are the people you meet every day and who, for the first time, realize that together can change everything.

Yes, that’s true!

All together, thanks to the Grigori Grabovoi’s teaching, we can and must change the whole world.

Thanks to a new collective consciousness, we can transform every reality forever.

It is absolutely no coincidence that you are here right now!

Listen to the voice of those who are already practicing these techniques to great benefit themselves and others:


Benefits for those who will join the Project

First of all we really contribute to the salvation of the planet and all the living beings. And this is the greatest reward we can hope for.

Moreover, by working sincerely for the salvation of others, you lay the foundations for your individual salvation, that is, the security of being able to continue to live and thrive even in the most extreme conditions that may arise.

This is the real, greatest reward you get by giving wholeheartedly: significantly speeding up your own evolution and your individual salvation process.

We are quickly reaching the critical mass sufficient to change the collective consciousness, open a new dimension of the whole reality, expected for thousands of years.

We can confidently say that contributing to this project will be the most important choice of your life.

Welcome back home. 






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With your help we will speed up the process of RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE NEW SCIENCE introduced by Grigori Grabovoi, the science that will really change the World! With your help we will finance the research of innovative drugs and technologies to reverse aging in a natural way and incredibly raise our immune resources, actively defending humanity from major diseases, and we will certify internationally all existing devices, such as the PRK-1U. We will organize for you, and all those who commit themselves in this way, a WEBINAR HELD DIRECTLY BY GRIGORI GRABOVOI to thank you and receive operational indications for all of us. In addition to this, you will receive all the rewards: you will attend the INTERACTIVE INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR PATH consisting of 10 webinairs held by the leaders of the Foundation, the original e-book and full participation in all the international activities of the Association.

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In 2004 Grigori Grabovoi foresaw as necessary for the process of Global Salvation the creation of a real NEW STATE, with a seat at the UN, to guide the global transformation process and give all of us, and all those who really want to change the world, a REAL LEGAL CITIZENSHIP. With your help you will actively collaborate in carrying out this huge project, you will enter the GOLDEN REGISTER of those who contributed to the creation of this new nation and you will be part of the ASSEMBLY OF DONORS which will meet regularly to be informed about the development of the project. You will also attend ALL WEBINARS WITH GRIGORI GRABOVOI and receive all the rewards: you will participate in the entire INTERACTIVE INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR PATH consisting of 10 webinairs held by the leaders of the Foundation, you will receive the original e-book and you will be able to participate fully in all the activities of the international association of supporters of the Grigori Grabovoi Foundation.

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Join Leaders and Ambassadors

“Grigori Grabovoi is the most human person I have ever met. He has reached us at the most difficult and crucial moment for the development of our civilization. The path he shows us is the only opportunity to enter a new reality in a painless way. And if now the whole world recognizes and starts using Grigori Grabovoi's methods of salvation and instrumental technologies, everyone can be saved!"
Marina Morozkina, Education Center of Grigori Grabovoi
“The exercise of control and Reality Piloting open awareness and expand energy! Grabovoi proposes and shows us that change starts from US and that is what each one of us needs to get great energy!”
Lumena Brizzi
"I was born in Mexico in 1975 and I am a telecommunication engineer. I started studying the Dr. Grabovoi's method back in 2008. I am the first Spanish teacher with license issued by Dr. Grabovoi. This has allowed me to help many people."
Gema Roman
"Thanks to the Grigori Grabovoi community we had the honor of teaching in person in many countries: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Spain and online in several other European countries. In each of these occasions we experienced the true strength of human potential, which is practically infinite."
Solange y Emiliano Muñoz-Grabovoi_foundation
Solange y Emiliano Muñoz
"Through his method, Grabovoi was able to present the way to the true Creation of the reality we desire and to help everyone through Global Salvation and Harmonious Development"
Diego Araújo
Diego Araújo
"I collected 50 years of life experience before achieving the worldview I have now, thanks to Grigori Grabovoi. As Grabovoi says, the real path of development begins where there is no destruction, disease and death. For the first time this has a scientific basis."
Carola Sarrasin
"“Grigori Grabovoi’s platform of knowledge is the merging of science and spirituality, providing each individual access to the structures that make up the fabric of our reality. Creation becomes accessible through the use of consciousness.” "
Marion Mace
“For me Grabovoi and his method represent the return of the Human Kind to its essence. By recovering your power and self-knowledge you can restore a perfect and wonderful world. The return to paradise on this earth where love, well-being and abundance are the norm, as it should have always been, available to each of us, without exception ..."
Carmen Cid Diaz


"My objective is to contribute to the creation of a harmonious, loving and creative world by transferring the knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi and developing the individual consciousness. With the help of Grigori Grabovoi’s techniques and intellectual accomplishments we can direct the humankind to the path of global salvation."
Judit Demján Antal
"I am a lawyer and the first South American teacher of the Grigori Grabovoi's teachings. I entirely dedicate myself to studying and to the courses that I hold following the guidelines of the Belgrade Educational Center of Grigori Grabovoi. These teachings have radically changed my life and that of thousands of people for the better, not only in Brazil but all over the world."
Clara Santinon
"We can reach this level of consciousness to share our divine being. Love shows us the way of justice, without tears, pain or separation...the way of pure love of God."
Ljubica Jelaca Renner 



"I have a master's degree in human sciences and theatre and in my life I have carried out many professions: teacher, theater director, actress, director, therapist, dancer, speaker. In 2019 I published my first book. Since 2013 I have been spreading the teaching of Global Salvation by Grigori Grabovoi. For me they simply represent the meeting and merging of science and spirituality."
Brigitte Ahoïa
"...When Grigori Grabovoi's technologies become a way of life for all the inhabitants of the planet, then humanity will have reached the ultimate age, having under its control, in all its manifestations and in its biology, all reality."
Edith Papp
"Grabovoi's teachings have passed multiple tests around the world. Thanks to his intervention, several disasters that would have killed tens of thousands of people have been averted. Nowadays humanity is ready to embrace new knowledge and use the full potential we have."
Olga Toloshnaya



"Your ultimate goal is to lead people into a holistic consciousness and thus into an eternal development. This includes looking at body - soul - mind as a whole. Your gift is to bring deeply hidden, negative ego structures / blockages / core beliefs that can inhibit people in all situations to the surface so that they can be transformed / healed."
Petra Felber
"Grigori Grabovoi tells us about it with concrete tools of knowledge and practice: we are ready to show all the creative potential of humanity for the common good. Welcome and join us in creating this unprecedented collective trigger together! Don't waste your time, be an agent of change. Change is now!"
Stèphanie Perret
"The world is made up of interacting structures. Therefore, even a change in one structure leads to the change in all other structures. Perception and consciousness are one of the structures of the world. So, you can change the world by changing perception and consciousness.""
Yu Ting
"I am a geologist and engineer, in my life I have also studied and applied the law of attraction, neuro-linguistic programming and neuroscience. Currently I am deepening the study and teaching of Grabovoi's science. Compared to how I was in the past, I can say that I have made giant steps in the development of my consciousness, especially thanks to Grabovoi. Today I see the world with the vision of creation and the complete harmony of the entire Universe..."
Aloma Tente



"I live in Germany and lead the Grigori Grabovoi Academy through which I transmit Grabovoi's teachings all over the world to numerous people, so that they can create their own lives independently. With love we can contribute to global salvation together."
Carolin Diana Kupfer
"Since 2013 I have been spreading Grigori Grabovoi's teachings following his programs. Before I met this science I was a physiotherapist specialized in motor therapy. The results I have achieved and that the people I meet every day achieve make me feel sure that we are very close to a dimensional change. You can be part of it, too."
Jan Karl Pinter
"I can say that I have always been a person deeply in love with God. My scientific background led me to recognize Dr. Grabovoi as the greatest Scientist ever, providing humanity with scientific technologies and practices with a spiritual dimension. Thanks to him, we finally have a chance to raise our consciousness enough to create and control our reality."
Lila Sid
"As soon as I started to follow Grabovoi, I simply experienced incredible positive results in health, wealth and relationships. The transformation I experienced in my life was so inspiring that I started spreading it. Hope you will also let go of what no longer serves you and embrace your true potential."
Manojkumar Nair
"Grabovoi has brought into this reality unique, complex and profound teachings, which blend science, advanced technologies and spirituality and which fill many existing gaps in human kind."
Mayara Lindsay

This is a very important message for You:

Listen to the testimonies from the hands of those who are already changing their lives thanks to the teachings of Grabovoi